Wellness Club

E komo mai!

Welcome to the Pacific Massage Services Wellness Club!

We invite you to enroll in a monthly membership. Both levels of membership give you health and massage support for self-care comfort at home between massage appointments.

Membership Levels

Level 1. Weekly email with self-massage videos and wellness articles; up-to-date protocols for self-care and prevention; legislative updates relevant to our profession’s request for government aid.

Level 2. All of Level 1, PLUS semi-weekly email updates and information to support your health; and a special bonus gift!

Level 3. All of Level 2, PLUS daily self-massage videos, bonus wellness info and a goodie bag filled with self-care treats!

ALL LEVELS.  Special savings on massage fees when we re-open.*

*Workers Comp and Vehicle Accident Insurance patients: Your membership includes the above benefits, with the exception of reduced fees. Insurance fees are set into law by the Hawaii state government and we are not allowed to change them. Instead, your membership entitles you to one or more complementary extra sessions added to your prescription series, depending on the membership level you select.

What You Get with Membership

Exactly what will you get when you join the Wellness Club? Check out these details about all the amazing perks of your membership!

Self-Massage Videos. This is the main highlight of the Wellness Club! Follow along with Rachel Richards’ short videos that show you how to take care of yourself with self-massage. Release areas of the body where we tend to store pain-producing tension from injury, stress and daily life activities.

Meet Rachel Richards! I’m so pleased to introduce my lovely and skilled colleague Rachel, a massage therapist in New York City, who has produced a comprehensive series of instructional videos for self-massage and relaxation. Here’s a sample to get you started:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zhnLG3GW-8&list

Wellness Articles. Make sure you’re keeping up-to-date with the most current info available!

– Latest developments in the massage therapy field.

– Nutrition and other health tips for optimum wellness with injury and stress.

– Covid-19 updates on safety/hygiene protocols, disease containment, predictions on duration, government aid for self-employed businesses, and more.

– Legislative updates for the massage profession. How effective was your letter to your elected US Congress Representatives in supporting health businesses?

Bonus Enrollment Gift. It’s a surprise! Prepare to be delighted with this gift of health!

Bonus Goodie Bag. Tools and treats for self-care comfort between appointments. You get a massage for maybe 1 hour per week or per month; these helpful items will help you take care of yourself for the other 719 hours in the month! Also includes a gift voucher – treat a friend to a session at Pacific Massage Services!

Special Savings on Massage Fees. Your membership entitles you to invest in a prepaid series of massage sessions. Ensure your appointments on our schedule when we re-open. We anticipate a fully-booked schedule when the pandemic clears and all our massage-starved clients come rushing back to the table! Secure your spot now!

Big perk: A Special Series may be shared among immediate family members! Lock in your savings now!

Looks great! What’s the cost?

Monthly membership in the Wellness Club is surprisingly affordable! Memberships will extend beyond the duration of the Corona Virus outbreak. We will bill your credit card monthly until you ask us to stop.

Level 1. Weekly self-massage videos and weekly wellness articles; up-to-date protocols for self-care and virus prevention; legislative updates relevant to our profession’s request for government aid during crisis; Special Level bonus enrollment gift included. Investment: $5.00 per month.

Level 2. All of Level 1, PLUS simple yoga poses and nutrition tips to support your health, and a Deluxe Level bonus enrollment gift. Investment: $12.00 per month.

Level 3. All of Level 2, PLUS daily self-massage videos, additional wellness info and an Ultimate Level Bonus Enrollment Care Package loaded with self-care treats. Investment: $19.00 per month.

ALL LEVELS. Save NOW on massage fees when we re-open! Investment:

Deluxe Series: 55-70 minutes. (Regular Fee: $100/session)

3 sessions:                   $265 (save $35!)                                                                              6 sessions:                   $510 (save $90!)                                                                              12 sessions:                 $985 (save $215!)

Ultimate Series: 85-100 minutes. (Regular Fee: $140/session)                                          3 sessions:                   $370 (save $50!)                                                                              6 sessions:                   $715 (save $125!)                                                                            12 sessions:                 $1340 (save $340!)

Gift Certificates are available for the same savings! Treat your family and friends to the benefits of massage therapy!

Please Note: Times noted are for scheduling purposes only. Rather than selling minutes, we provide treatments and results. We give you what you need without watching the clock or stopping your treatment on the exact minute! Our timing flexibility serves your health needs!

We’re here to help you stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond! 

We look forward to serving your health needs as a member of the Pacific Massage Services Wellness Club!