Massage for the Birth Year

Massage for the Birth Year

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The exciting phrase – “I’m pregnant!” – announces enormous changes to come over the next year – in your habits, your lifestyle and your body!

Managing the extra stress of this special time is essential for your health and that of your baby. Relaxation assists the baby’s development while giving you comfort and well-being.

Before the Birth

Taking time for self-care can help you alleviate stress and stay comfortable. A regular session of massage therapy can:

– Increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to you and your baby.

– Relieve aches and pains of pregnancy.

– Reduce swelling and edema in your body.

– Help you maintain a positive body image.

– We recommend monthly sessions in the first 2 trimesters, twice a month in months 7-8, and     weekly during the last month.

During Labor

Giving birth can be long, hard and exhausting. Massage can:

– Make you more comfortable.

– Relax you between contractions.

– Give you more energy for labor and delivery.

– Make contractions more efficient and shorten labor.

– Give your partner a more active role in the birth.

After the Birth

The postnatal body goes through rapid hormone changes, coupled with lack of sleep, potentially causing fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. A postnatal massage can:

– Give your body the equivalent of 3 hours sleep!

– Speed recovery after vaginal or C-section birth.

– Stimulate milk production.

– Relieves backache and sore shoulders caused by nursing.

– Alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

All This Plus Baby Massage!

Loving touch is essential to proper human development. We can teach you to massage your baby in private lessons or group sessions! Giving your baby a regular massage can:

– Improve digestion, weight gain and growth.

– Help build muscles tone and coordination.

– Stimulate baby’s circulation and breathing.

– Help regulate baby’s sleep/wake cycles.

– Enhance parent-baby bonding and closeness.

Massage therapy can be an essential ingredient in your health care during the birth year – before, during and after birth!