Rice Paddy Therapeutic Pads

WHAT IS IT? RICE PADDY is a therapeutic pad designed to enhance your massage treatments and provide home care comfort. It may be used warm or cold to treat pain, stiffness and discomfort from muscle strain, joint sprain, repetitive use injury, muscle spasm, menstrual cramps, arthritis and stress.

HOW IS IT USED? Heated in a microwave oven and applied warm, RICE PADDY relieves muscle aches. Chilled in the freezer and applied cold, it can help alleviate pain from recent injury, such as a sprain, and inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. It reduces swelling and inflammation, as well as producing temporary numbing of the painful area.

WHAT IS IT MADE OF? RICE PADDY consists of a 100% cotton inner pouch filled with rice. Its special cover fabric attracts moisture from the air so that, when warmed, it provides soothing moist heat. Covers are machine wash and dry.  RICE PADDY is available plain or with aromatic herbs.

SAFE AND CONVENIENT! Safer than electric heating pads, RICE PADDY will not dehydrate muscle tissue or risk injury from burns or electrocution. As a cold pack, it produces no wetness from condensation, no risk of ice burn and no gel leakage, as with conventional ice packs.

WHO MAY USE IT? Just about everyone! RICE PADDY is simple, safe and comfortable for adults, children, infants, elderly and pets. For self-care at home, to reduce pain, to increase comfort between therapy appointments, or simply to stay warm and cozy, simply chill in the freezer or warm in the microwave oven and apply to affected area for a few minutes or a few hours. RICE PADDY retains cold or warmth for several hours and is safe to use while sleeping.  Even if you have no pain, you’ll love using it to keep warm on a chilly night!